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About Us

Our goal is to be the go-to resource for health and fitness related services and products for groups, individuals and industry professionals.


We aspire to create a strong link between those seeking a healthier, happy life and those who provide the tools, and information that will aid in that endeavor.

Mission Statement:
More about our company:

50Grand Health and Fitness began with a vision of creating a virtual fitness facility through its presence on the internet, as well as, in person. The company provides personal training and fitness classes for adults 50 years of age and up. Although the company was created to address the health and fitness needs of the 50+ community, its array of services, programs, events, etc., addresses these needs for most of the general population. 

Whether you already participate in a regular exercise regimen or you are thinking about getting started, we can help. Think of us as a necessary add-on to your gym/health club membership. This is particularly beneficial to the exercise novice who is just beginning their journey into the world of fitness. Making 50Grand your first point of contact ensures that you have the tools and information you need to begin your journey the right way. We help you to clearly define your fitness goals, and give you what you need to attain them.


In addition, our endeavor is to also be an industry resource center, providing a host of services for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and a network of health and fitness professionals.

The Owner:

Jeff Warley is the CEO of 50Grand Health and Fitness, and a Personal Trainer, certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has been a fitness enthusiast for most of his life. Through his own journey and experience with exercise and nutrition, he was inspired to learn as much as possible about these topics.  As Jeff approached age 50, rather than feeling depressed about reaching this milestone, as many often do, he decided to embrace it and encourage others to do the same. Hence 50Grand was born! The company was created with the thought in mind that 50 isn’t the beginning of the end, but instead is just the beginning.


Jeff also realized that as we reach this pivotal age, it is imperative that one is not only engaged in a regular fitness regime, but the way we approach our fitness goals must be specialized. Our focus with regard to nutrition, body composition, and general health must change as well. 50Grand Health and Fitness was created to address the fitness needs of groups and individuals of all ages, but with a concentrated focus on the 50+ community. Through it’s suite of services, products, workshops and programs, 50Grand aspires to be the go-to link between the individuals seeking a healthier, happy life, and those who provide the tools and information to help them attain that goal.    

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