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Move. Live. Thrive!

More and more seniors are recognizing the benefits of exercise and a proper diet. When it comes to exercising, however, it is not enough to simply "walk" your way into good health. While walking outside, or on a treadmill has certain cardiovascular benefits, it doesn't address some other very important areas of fitness that are important for maintaining health and independence. Everyday tasks, such as bending, lifting, walking, sitting or standing, all require muscle strength, balance and flexibility.

FUNctonally Fit is a fun group fitness program designed to address the need for strengthening the muscles, and increasing range of motion so that performing these everyday tasks become easier. Most of all, it's exciting and fun!

Our instructors come out and conduct classes, which includes low impact cardio, strength training along with balance and flexibility exercises. All while enjoying the sounds of classic oldies. Would you like us to come out and give a sample class at your senior center or church? Click on the button to the right and register now!!

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FUNctionally Fit Program

Activities and program directors interested in this program for their seniors can have an instructor come out and give a demo class at your center.

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FUNctionally Fit Classes

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