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The Life begins at 50 Challenge is a great way to kick off your New Year! If you are 50-59 years old, or are turning 50 in 2016, get a jump start on that New Years' Resolution to get in shape. Best of all, it costs you nothing but a little time!



1 Exercise Program   
3-4 Days a Week
10 Weeks
Here's how it works:

When you sign up for the challenge, you will receive an email confirming entry. You will also receive the exercise program, some tips for nutrition, and tracking sheets to keep track of your progress. 


The challenge is a 10 week program, beginning January 2, 2016. You may start anytime you like thereafter, as long as it is at least 10 weeks prior to May 1, 2016.



The 10 weeks are broken up into 4 Units:

1) Weeks 1, 2 & 3 (25-35 Mins./3 Days a week)

2) Weeks 4, 5 & 6 (30-40 Mins./3 Days a week)

3) Weeks 7, 8 & 9 (30-40 Mins./4 Days a week)

4) Week 10 (Final) (45-60 Mins./4 Days)

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Membership Program 

Live better than ever with our special programs designed for the 50+ age group! Slow the aging process, get fitness packages designed especially for YOU, because life is just beginning!!

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Some of the exercises are high impact, and therefore can be strenuous for those who are extremely deconditioned or those who do not exercise at all. We suggest you take our ten minute fit test to gauge your level of fitness, and determine if the challenge is for you at this time. For those who feel they are up to the challenge, you will get your exercise program once you have completed the Sign Up/Waiver form. You will have access to our online video, so you may watch and follow along as we demonstrate the exercises for you. Log your progress on-line and with our progress tracking sheets. Even upload your photos, and/or videos of you doing the program, and show your transformation!



Come on, join us in this challenge and show everyone that 50's never looked so good!! 

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