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Couples Who Work Out Together...

Meet Rahiym, age 57. He is our Life Begins at 50 Person of The Month, for May, 2018! He is a husband, father, and grand-

father with a passion for photography and fitness. Once upon a time, Rahiym was an aspiring actor who appeared in such films as, Best Man, and The Preacher's Wife with Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington. Now he's settled into marriage, and enjoys working out with his wife Roslind. She was our Person of the Month for March, and these two are a great example of how working out together can not only strengthen your body and mind, but also strengthen your relationship.

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Commercial Integrated Security Installer

How many days a week he

works out: 2 to 3

Favorite types of exercise: Weight Lifting, Calisthenics, Treadmill

Spring is officially here and this is the time that everyone is looking forward to the forth-coming summer, hitting the beach, vacation, and baring more of our bodies. Spring time is also the time when love is in the air, and new relationships can blossom. But for those of us, like Rahyim and myself, who are already in a relationship or married; how do we approach this season with our significant others? What do we do to keep the spice in the relationship, and keep it fresh, so that it always feels new? There are many answers, and I could probably write a book on the subject. Having one failed marriage before finally finding and marrying my soulmate, I often lament on the subject. While this doesn't qualify me as a relationship expert, I do have a bit of insight on what it takes to make a relationship work. At this time of year, most of us of are thinking about how we are going to shed the pounds we've gained over the winter, and change our body composition in preparation for the hot weather. We should also use this as an opportunity to spend quality time with our significant others, and rekindle the flame in the relationship. I can't think of a better way to accomplish both of these things than working out together. Not only does it kill two birds with one stone, figuratively speaking, but studies show that this actually makes the relationship stronger. As I like to put it, relationships in which couples workout together, have a better chance of working out!

Where to begin...

Nowadays, it seems that at least one person in every couple engages in some sort of exercise on a regular basis. Its also not rare to find couples in which both people engage in exercise or some sort of fitness activity. However, I see it time and time again, where couples both exercise, but they don't exercise together. While there could be many valid reasons for this, the most popular two are differences in schedules, and fitness interests. "[My wife] doesn't do weights, but I do, so there is a conflict", Rahiym tells me. This is a very common issue. You may be more interested in weight lifting, while your partner is more interested in Yoga. Running may be your passion, but maybe it doesn't exactly do it for your bae. The first thing you both have to do is get on the same page somehow. If neither one of you have a clue what to do or how to begin a program of exercises, you might do well to work with a personal trainer. [We offer Couples Personal Training at 50Grand Health and Fitness]. However you approach it, just think of it this way...taking time to schedule at least one workout a week together goes a long way toward demonstrating your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, as well as a healthy relationship. As for the differences in what you both like to do for fitness, compromise is a good thing in any relationship. One day you do Yoga with them, and the next time they go running with you. It keeps your workout dates interesting, and well rounded. Rahiym admits that he and his wife don't exercise together as much as they would like to, but the fact that they do at all is a start. They also do other active things together. Going dancing and things like that certainly count, but if you can add exercising as one of your date nights, as I said before, you can check two things off of your to-do list!

The Benefits

It has been proven that working out with a partner, in general, doubles your chances of success in achieving your fitness goals. Working out with your mate has the same benefit, but with some bonuses. Accountability, competition, and companionship can make what may otherwise seem like a chore, actually enjoyable and exciting. Add to these, the fact (or my belief) that couples who engage in fitness together, tend to work together more at problem solving, and they feel closer to each other. And working up a sweat together, well let's just say that can be an aphrodisiac of sorts, adding health to another area of your love life.

What About My Me Time?

There are some individuals for whom the workout is time for introspection, and personal other words, me time. Yes, everyone should take that all important time for self. However, just as we need quality time for ourselves, we should be spending quality time with our loved ones. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one should workout a minimum of three times a week. With that in mind, it seems like using just one of those sessions as a way to get closer to your honey, isn't totally forfeiting that. Perhaps you can add another workout day to your weekly calendar, and then you won't be giving up anything.

The point here can probably think of many reasons why you can't work out in general, and even more reasons why you can't do it with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse. However, there is a big reason to start exercising regularly...and that's love. Love of life and love for each other.

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